Hope. What follows it? Especially when you’ve yet to achieve the things you set out to do.

Faith. Gratitude. Humility. Action.

Although in the run-up to the DNC Barack Obama’s campaigning had lost the spirit of the brand he built in 2008, the messaging at the Convention built on it. Mr. Obama’s task was a different one than Mitt Romney’s at the RNC. Unlike Romney, he didn’t need to introduce us to Brand Obama. Rather, he needed to prove that Brand Obama was sincere – trustworthy and focused. And, he certainly did that.

Mr. Obama’s belief in his vision for America is unwavering. He has the incentive to take action because he wants to honor the American people – ordinary people – who have worked hard to overcome the adversity they have faced during this time of struggle. I can’t help but wonder, though, if resilience to stay the better path conveys enough energy and excitement to attract Independent and swing voters. Or, if it is a message that only appeals to Obama loyalists.

The quick take-away:

How Barack Obama describes himself: A President who is hopeful about America because he understands the challenges ordinary people face and overcome on the pathway to achieving their aspirations and dreams

What he will do: Restore middle class values and build a 21st Century American Dream based on shared responsibility, opportunity, and prosperity

What role Obama plays: He brings belief in the face of uncertainty; wisdom gained through having made tough choices and learning from four years of successes…and mistakes

What we believe: We’re part of something bigger and change will only happen if we stay the course together

Values: hard work, responsibility, fairness, the collective

Personality: matured, compassionate, authoritative, determined

Echoing his belief in collective and collaborative action, Mr. Obama also placed as much responsibility for the future of America on ordinary people as he did on himself. More so than his positioning, it is perhaps this strong call to action – you must choose the path you want for America, for our future – that is his rallying cry for Independent voters to come alongside.

So with the messages laid out the race is on. And, like Mitt Romney, over the next few weeks Barack Obama needs to consistently support his brand – in its look and feel, communications and, most importantly, with strategies and policies that demonstrate the action that follows his vision.