Developing a Social Mission

Connect employees and customers to something bigger.
Your Social Mission helps bring your Purpose to life. It defines how your brand engages with employees, customers, and other stakeholders to address social needs and connects people to something bigger.

Create a positive ROI for employees, communities and your business.
When your Social Mission and impact statement align with your purpose, they effectively engage employees, focus programs, and prevent “mission creep.” Your Social Mission sits at the intersection of: 1) your purpose; 2) how employees define your purpose and social impact; and 3) your corporate social responsibility and community engagement strategies.

Focus efforts for a more meaningful impact.
Our goal in helping you define your Social Mission is to scale your existing efforts into a platform for volunteerism and advocacy. Whether it’s using your Social Mission as an employee engagement tool, embedding it into your business model or anything in between, our process for defining it is collaborative.

Using a combination of audits, research and workshops, we consider the intent of your purpose; your current CSR and community involvement activities; executive and employee feedback on purpose, social impact, and life balance policies; and existing hypotheses around how your purpose impacts existing efforts and partners. Through this exploration, one or more potential Social Missions will emerge.

Together we agree on criteria to evaluate the options, ensuring that the one chosen will be credible to your purpose, core competencies and business goals. Once your Social Mission is defined, we then work closely with you to develop a plan to socialize it and engage employees in it. With the right approach, right tactics and right channels the intent behind your purpose, CSR objectives and business goals will all be met.

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