Personal Purpose Sessions

The things that energize you +

the value you add +
your desired outcomes.

Your personal brand should be as holistic as you are as a person. All encompassing yet laser focused.
Between the power of celebrity and management of online reputation there’s so much hype about personal branding and Brand You. Yet, for many rising and established executives, personal branding often is something simpler. It’s about safely bringing more of their best selves into the workplace. Identifying their personal purpose and integrating their personality, values and passions into their professional lives are the keys to doing this.

Your personal purpose is an enduring long term ambition. How you live and communicate it evolves over time.
Our personal purpose work sessions are engaging and thought provoking. They guide participants to clarify their personal purpose, better manage their personal brand, and confidently embrace their personal power at work, every day. Building on her expertise in corporate purpose and brand development and years informally mentoring and coaching her teams and clients, Anne Bahr Thompson expertly steers participants to identify their definition of fulfillment, their professional gifts, and their personal passions. All of which intersect to form their purpose. Participants walk out of these sessions informed, inspired and empowered. And with a new and meaningful understanding of how work helps them live their personal purpose and achieve their individual ambitions.