Workshops & Training

Fresh thinking and action steps to begin implementing new ideas tomorrow.
Our Brand Citizenship workshops and training sessions are an efficient and effective way to clarify your Purpose, develop a Social Mission, enhance and align existing programs, and/or create a roadmap to begin implementing and actualizing new strategy and ideas immediately. Choose from 1/2, full and 2 day standard (see below) or bespoke programs. Brand Citizenship workshops and training sessions

Designed to shift your perceptions and be more than the usual creative sessions.
Based on the knowledge gained working with some of the world’s most valuable brands over the years, our aim is to stimulate visionary thinking, while simultaneously focusing on business outcomes. Whether with owners, executives, managers or staff, Anne Bahr Thompson and her team objectively and expertly facilitate highly energized workshops and training sessions. We encourage participants to be bold in their aspirations and challenge conventional wisdom. Participants walk out understanding how to integrate brand development with corporate social responsibility, sustainability, ethical sourcing, and reputation management programs; and how to use Purpose and Brand Citizenship as effective filters for all decision making.

Developed over more than 25 years of experience.
Using our proven frameworks as guideposts, our workshops are custom designed to motivate creativity, challenge conventional wisdom, and encourage you to simultaneously be bold in your aspirations and pragmatic. We take into account the unique context in which you work: practical business issues and processes, people management, and operational quirks and challenges. To ensure purpose is an investment into brand loyalty, reputation management, and innovation – rather than a cost of doing business – your strategy, programs and campaigns must all genuinely reflect who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. To learn more and schedule a session contact us at